The brand new M&K X Series Subwoofers are coming...

For 40 years M&K Sound has been producing the finest sub bass systems available for studios, music lovers' and connoisseurs of film.

X-Series Subwoofers | Coming Soon

The new X Series range of subwoofers combines the very latest developments in transducers and amplification in M&K Sound's classic "push-pull" configuration for the most dynamic, articulate bass possible.

X-Series Subwoofers | King Kong

The X8, X10 and X12 feature highly optimized drivers for each specific cabinet size to deliver accurate, controlled bass that exceeds the strictest THX specifications and accommodates digital master audio formats.

X-Series Subwoofers | LOTR & The Hobbit

Arriving in January 2013 in dual 8, 10 and 12" configurations, whatever the room size there is a subwoofer that will reproduce bass for the most demanding music and film content.

X-Series Subwoofers | Pirates of the Caribbean

You can read more about subwoofer placement here - The Best Place for Bass

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